Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Parsha catch-up: Vayechi, Sh'mot, etc., 5772

Some thoughts from reading Sh'mot this past Shabbat:
  • Miriam is one gutsy kid--she's not only a slave girl approaching the daughter of Pharaoh, but she's, essentially, backing Bat Pharaoh/Pharaoh's daughter into a corner by suggesting that Bat Par'oh send her to fetch a nursemaid. Note that Bat Par'oh, while showing pity for poor little Moshe/Moses, had not said that she planned to adopt him. (See chapter 2, verses 1-10.)
  • In Sh'mot/Exodus chapter 2, verse 18, Moshe's future father-in-law is called Reuel; in chapter 3, verse 1, he's called Yitro/Jethro, a classic case of Documentary Hypothesis, in my opinion. New for me this year was noticing that, in chapter 4, verse 18, Yitro is called Yeter, a name whose spelling in the original Hebrew differs by exactly one missing letter. I think that's a simple scribal error, but I would be interested in knowing whether "yeter" exists as an independent word.
Here are some more oldies:
And note that I've added more links (and "highlights" notes) to Parshat Sh'mot/Shemot (whatever).

Yes, I will, eventually, get around to blogging about Limmud NY 2012, but that may take a bit more time.


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